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Kirin can’t cope and screams at his baby son

With Vanessa having been struck down by the norovirus, Kirin has been left in charge of their baby son. But Johnny just won’t stop crying and Kirin isn’t coping well. Unable to handle it, Kirin reaches for a beer and cranks up the music to drown out his son’s sobs. Losing the plot entirely, Kirin is screaming in his son’s face when Carly walks in the room. Horrified Carly takes Johnny away from Kirin ,but will she tell Vanessa what happened?

Aaron’s all churned up about his confession. Robert’s proud of him but Aaron’s been really unsettled by having to relive his painful past. Things get worse when Gordon warns Aaron the police will never believe him and threatens to get Cain sent to prison for what he did unless his son retracts his statement! Later, Chas reels to hear what Gordon has said to their boy, who tells his mum he’s leaving Emmerdale

At Butler’s, Moira and Chas try to stay calm when the police come calling for Cain. They want to talk to him about an attempted murder.

The norovirus claims another village victim as Leyla is struck down with the sicky bug – just as she’s trying to seduce Nikhil!