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Kyle and Phoebe to call it quits?

Denny goes to comfort Ricky who believes she is having contractions. Kat and Nate bump into one another, but Nate rushes to Ricky. Nate tells Ricky she's having false contractions and she needs to relax. Phoebe tries to convince Kat to give Nate one more chance. Later, Kat pulls out a mystery engagement ring and Phoebe and Kyle decide to end their relationship.

Alf tells Roo he is furious with the younger generation's dismissive attitude towards Anzac day. Marilyn suggests that Alf joins the school on their trip to war memorial as a chaperone to give students a first hand account.

Ash receives a call from Brax's lawyer who explains that he got into a fight with Gunno. Ash tells Ricky that Brax has been left with a broken rib thanks to Gunno. He also tells her that its his fault, as Gunno and him have history as he stopped Gunno smuggling drugs into prison.