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Laurel lies to Doug

*Second episode

It’s time for secret drinker Laurel to host her first make-up party and she can’t help but take a huge slug of booze to help her get through it. She and Kerry are stunned when they later realise they’ve made a fair bit of money. But Laurel isn’t about to give Doug the full story about the cash as he’s fully on to her drink habit and is watching her every move!


Meanwhile, over in the barn, David’s mood flips from nervous to furious when Lachlan taunts him. Unable to take any more of Lachlan's delusions about what happened when he and Alicia were alone together on her birthday, David wants to put an end to it and grabs the teen…


Emma’s turn playing set up seems to be a success as Carly and Ross end up heading home together! But Debbie’s not sure Ross knows about Carly’s connection to Donna.