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Lauren and Paige stage a topless protest!

(Image credit: Heath McKinley Photographer)

Sensing Paige's discomfort, Lauren joins her daughter in the protest. Paige later learns it's been a success and Paul is returning her logo to its original state. When Matt later has to cancel his dinner date with Lauren, Paige encourages her to attend a uni Toga Party… given her new hell raiser status, she'll be a hit.

Paige dares Imogen to go to the Toga Party. Imogen throws herself into the night after learning Amber and Daniel are engaged. Thinking Imogen is staying the night at a friend's place, the others leave while Imogen gets more drunk. The next morning, Imogen is asleep, party debris surrounding her as a handsome stranger appears.

Amber is thrown by a casual remark Daniel makes that reminds her of Rain. Later, Daniel arrives with a gift – a monogrammed camera case and tells her all he wants is to see her achieve her dreams. Touched, she proposes to him this time and he accepts.

Also, Matt receives a lucrative security job offer, which is too good to turn down. He meets his supervisor, Michelle, who later makes a phone call, revealing she works for Dimato...