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Lauren struggles with her pre-interview nerves

EastEnders - Lauren Steven
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

It’s the day of Lauren’s job interview, but will she be able to keep her nerves at bay to get through it?

Lauren heads out for her job interview, trying not to get too flustered by her nerves. When she arrives, she bumps into Josh, who gives her some words of encouragement. Will the interview go to plan?

The Carters get more bad news about the pub when they realise they’ve reached their overdraft limit and can’t order any more stock in. Knowing that if they don’t get the stock, the pub will completely go under, Johnny uses his student loan to pay off the overdraft.

Michelle and Sharon are keen to get Bex and Louise talking again and bring them together at the allotments. When Louise tries again to tell Bex how sorry she is, will Bex soften and accept her apology?

Also, Donna moves in with Ben and Jay and spends the evening playing drinking games with the boys and Abi.