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Leah rejects Irene’s help

After hitting VJ, Leah hides away with a headache and blurry vision. When Irene tells Leah she's not herself, it doesn't go down well and she hits the roof. Shocked by her reaction, Irene escorts her home and Leah apologises to VJ and Zac assures her that he is with her out of love and not pity.

Ash races to the meeting point and calls out, causing Gunno's henchman to push Kyle, who bangs his head on a rock. Ash rushes him back home and Nate treats Kyle's injuries. Things turn ugly between Ash and Kyle when they realise Gunno is using them to get him.

Denny lambasts Ash for going AWOL. He decides to lie and tell Denny he was with Billie, leaving her feeling guilty for overreacting. Later, Ash sees Kat who reminds him he's on parole and could go back to jail in a flash.

Also, Ricky bumps into Nate and Kat and breaks down because she can't see Brax. So Nate decides to forge a medical emergency letter so that she can see Brax.