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Leah's shocked by VJ's tattoo

VJ breaks down and shows Leah his tattoo, but Leah is more angry with Zac for his deception than her son's. Zac insists he was just trying to win VJ's trust, but Leah warns him to leave the parenting to her.

Spencer baulks when Leah suggests talking to his classmates about his online dating ordeal. So Evie sets him up with the PA system in the principal's office and Spencer's overwhelmed when he's met with applause. Chris checks if there's anything between him and Evie but Spencer insists they're just friends.

When Sasha suggests they head into the city for a romantic mini-break, Matt's keen until it becomes clear the purpose of the trip is to attend some Uni Open days. Matt reminds her he doesn't want to go to Uni and, convinced there's no future, he finishes their relationship. But he has a change of heart and apologises. Sasha insists they'll make it work, no matter where they end up.

Sasha asks Denny to come check out a few Uni's in the city. She's reluctant until Evie reminds her how lost she's been feeling since Casey died.