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Lee discovers Mick and Shirley's secret

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Elaine insists that Mick tell the family the truth about him and Shirley, which only serves to upset Nancy and Lee. Meeting up with Shirley to tell her the news, Mick accidentally lets slip to Buster, who has walked in on them talking. Later, a drunk Lee has a go at Shirley, prompting Buster to step in. Lee and Buster bond and agree to support them. And then Linda walks in!

Ronnie is livid that Roxy and Dean are engaged, turning to the Mitchells for help. Despite the family's disapproval, Roxy arranges an engagement party. When Ronnie turns up at the party full of apologies, Roxy and Dean are taken aback. After winning Roxy round, Ronnie tries to sneakily prove to Roxy what Dean is really like. A meeting in the Albert with Dean soon turns sour when Dean sees through Ronnie's plan, prompting Ronnie to flip and trash the place.

Kim has spent the night with Vincent, but is in a dilemma over whether to give him a second chance. Insisting to Kim he loves her, Vincent manages to win her round. Meanwhile, Billy is stunned when Honey arrives in the Square with William, although she thankfully hasn't listened to his embarrassing voicemail!