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Lisa's hungry for Jesse in Hollyoaks

Rachel Adedeji plays Lisa Loveday

Lisa arrives for the Loveday family dinner... but she's brought a guest

Zack and Sonia have spent the night on the roof of The Bean and decide to tell Simone and Louis they’re together. Zack has an ultimatum for his parents but they fear giving Zack what he wants will push Lisa away. They’re relieved when Lisa arrives for a family dinner – until Jesse turns up too and Lisa pulls him into her bedroom!

With Kim still non-responsive in hospital, Esther’s angry when Grace admits she told Kim about their plan to move in together. Celine tries to get through to Kim with no luck, until she throws a cup of water in Kim’s face and she 'suddenly' comes to life – she’d been faking it.

Kim begs Celine to keep her secret, at least until she knows Esther isn’t going to move in with Grace. Esther, however, walks in on Kim and Celine conspiring and is heartbroken.

Also, Peri and Nico continue their campaign of bullying against Jade, blaming her for Tom going to London. Later, Peri tries to kiss Alfie but he rejects her.