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Lockie gives Diane's money to Porsche!

Diane's agreed to give Lockie £3,000 for a mobile catering van but Lockie gives Porsche the cash and tells her he misses her. Lockie pushes his luck too far, though, when he then tells Diane he's been mugged - but she calls the police to track the money, which has been marked with an 'H' for Hutch.

Tony unknowingly takes Porsche to deliver money to her mum's friend. But when he puts a UV light over the money she's paid him for the taxi fare, he realises it's Diane's stolen cash. Is it game over for Porsche?

John Paul doesn't believe Harry is capable of hurting Ste and tries to reason with him. Later, John Paul fears he's lost Ste forever when he confesses to kissing Harry.

Also, Zack is disgusted when Kyle and Aiden confess that they were the ones who attacked Ste.