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Lockie's torn between Porsche and Mercedes!

Porsche arrives at her birthday party in The Folly and is furious that Reenie has decorated the venue with 'Happy Engagement' banners. Meanwhile, Joe tries to make it up to Mercedes but she’d rather make a play for Lockie at Porsche’s party instead. When Lockie rejects her, Mercedes returns to the party with Joe to make him jealous. It seems her plan is working when Lockie writes a suggestive text to Mercedes but accidentally sends it to Porsche! Lockie manages to talk his way out of trouble with Porsche yet, later, he’s kissing Mercedes. But they're unaware that, as they're kissing, an oblivious Celine has taken a photo of John Paul, with them in the background...

Meanwhile, after sleeping together, Cleo tries to forget about what happened, while Pete carries on as normal. Outside Esther’s Magic Bean, Cleo bumps into Holly, who can tell there’s something seriously wrong with her friend. The girls go to the clinic so that Cleo can get the morning after pill. Later, as Porsche gets more drunk at her party, she finds a leaflet in Cleo's bag about the morning after pill.

Still locked in the toilet together at The Folly, Harry and Ste bang on the door but the music at the venue masks their shouting. Harry doesn’t seem too upset about being locked in a confined space with Ste though. Sinead sees Scott at The Hutch and realises what she's done, while Harry asks Ste about his relationship with Sinead. The pair gets closer and they kiss! Embarrassed, Harry apologises as Sinead unlocks the door. Later, Ste tries to convince Sinead that he doesn't fancy Scott and reveals that Scott thinks he's got HIV. Sinead doesn’t believe Scott and makes a plan to prove he’s lying.

Also, Nico is pining after Dylan but when she tries to make up with him and it doesn't go to plan, she attacks him and has to be pulled away by Maxine and Scott. Dylan instant messages ‘GothBoy98’ and freaks out when ‘GothBoy98’ reveals they like to wear women's clothes too. Elsewhere, Maxine tries to get through to Nico.

Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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