Lucy goes missing

Ian is worried when Lucy is not in the house in the morning. Ian and Jane get ready for their trip to Buckingham Palace but Ian calls it off when Lucy is nowhere to be found. The Beales search for a missing Lucy but to no avail. When Ian discovers that she's taken some of her clothes and belongings he reports her missing. Tanya is disgusted with herself for having sex with Max but she is counting on leaving him high and dry. But when Tanya is out of sight, Max tears up the signed transfer papers. Tanya tells Sean to book the plane tickets so they can leave Max and Walford. Tanya is horrified when she finds the ripped up forms and she tells Sean that they can't leave until she's got what she wants from Max. Shabnam is unimpressed when Zainab reveals that the geeky kid Jalil that she knew from her childhood, is paying them a visit. Shabnam hides out at the club but a furious Zainab drags her back home. Shabnam is gobsmacked when the 'geeky' Jalil turns out to be gorgeous! Also, Garry and Minty try to get rid of Queenie; Shirley tells Phil her worrying news. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action

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