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Maddy has shocking news for Oscar

Roo insists Maddy has an ultrasound, as Josh may not be the father. Later, Oscar tells her he's excited to be an uncle to her baby, causing her to walk out. Perplexed her action, Hannah urges Oscar to make her have a scan at least for the health of the baby. Feeling as those everyone is pushing her into a corner; Maddy tells Oscar the baby could be his.

When Nieve tells Phoebe that she wants her to record a cover as her first single she starts to have doubts, but Brax tells her she should do anything for the recording contract. She realises Brax is right and focuses her attention on Kyle and making the most of their time together before she heads back to the city. However, their romantic night is interrupted by Nieve...

Oscar and Jett begin their tutoring sessions but they find it difficult to concentrate with Marilyn hovering around and constantly making small talk. Jett finds her behaviour embarrassing and tells her to back off leaving Marilyn heartbroken.