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Maddy makes plans for the future

Maddy Osborne in Home and Away

Maddie decides she wants an adventure

Maddy discovers the legal papers in Roo's bag and confronts Tanya, who defends her decision. But she soon has a change of heart and announces she's dropping the lawsuit – but it's too late, Maddy tells her mother that she's not moving to the city. After some time reflecting on what she really wants, Maddy has a big question for Matt…

Skye relays details of her first time to Olivia who is thrilled for her but worried about Tank's past. Meanwhile, Greg asks Tank to put the brakes on after a word from John - but will he agree?

Tank sees Skye and admits he is frustrated the town can't see beyond his past. Skye reassures him that she doesn't care and they kiss. Unbeknown to them, Chris sees it all and and innocently relays the news to John. Uh oh…