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Maddy reveals her suspicions to Roo

Maddy isn't convinced that James is being completely honest with Roo, especially when she finds his second phone in the kitchen drawer. After confiding in Oscar, Maddy decides to tell Roo her suspicions, but it's too late as James has invited his parents for dinner and told her all about the mystery phone.

Ricky unintentionally makes Phoebe feel worse when she tries to relate her motherhood struggles to Phoebe's miscarriage. Ash and Kyle come to blows when Kyle blames him for the miscarriage. Fortunately, Nate breaks the fight up and takes Kyle home, where he smashes the baby cot and breaks down in Ricky's arms. Later, Ash checks in on Phoebe and she finally tells him how she feels.

The same evening, Phoebe runs into Kyle, but as he tries to comfort her, she lays into him. She tells him she doesn't want to see him as he pushed her to keep the baby and now she’s been left distraught after the miscarriage.