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Maddy’s chemo isn’t working

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Maddy is devastated after her chemo results and she and Matt discuss where things have gone wrong in their lives. Oscar finds Maddy and encourages her to fight or her life, if not for herself, but for those who love her.

Oscar invites Matt over to the Farmhouse, but things don’t get off to the best start when they see Maddy is there. Then when Josh arrives to deliver a pizza in an Angelo’s uniform, Matt hits the roof. He storms into Angelo's and resigns. Feeling upset, he packs a bag… 

Zac feels guilty when VJ suggests moving in with his Grandma, but Alf says he has done more than most men would have done. Zac agrees with VJ and says he should live with his Gran, just as Leah opens her eyes.

Chris is sick of sharing a room with Spencer and moves his things into Sasha's room. When Spencer returns home and sees what’s happened, the pair get into a scuffle and break a window.