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Marilyn's health takes a tragic turn

John and Marilyn are given some heartbreaking news

John pleads with Nate to come up with a solution to stop Marilyn's hand from dying. Nate tells Marilyn and John that the only other option is: leeches! They can use specially grown leeches to stimulate blood flow to the area.  John urges his wife to give the alternative treatment a chance. Will Marilyn go ahead with the leeches?

Meanwhile, Riley does some digging and it seems like things for Nate and Tori are well and truly over. So he hatches a plan to win Tori back, will Tori be smitten for her ex again?

Also, Olivia is shocked that Hunter has decided to drop out of school and pays him a visit in the hope of changing his mind. Olivia is unsuccessful - but can someone else change Hunter’s attitude towards school?