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Marion blames David for Callum’s death

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

As Gail, David, Kylie, Max and Lily temporarily move into Carla’s vacated flat, Sarah’s jittery about the police investigation. But as David urges her to stick to their story, Gemma calls at the police station and informs DS Kerr she knows who killed Callum. Back on the street, Marion blames David for Callum’s demise and slaps him while Gail confides in a shocked Sarah who she suspects is the killer.

The police begin making arrests and as Kerr questions David about Callum’s disappearance, he coolly admits he’s glad Callum’s dead, but didn’t kill him. Gail, Kylie and Sarah realise that the police consider David the prime suspect. But an under pressure David blurts out that Jason was one of Callum’s enemies.

Sinead turns down a modelling job after promising to spend the day with Chesney. Meanwhile, Chesney spots Gemma in floods of tears over Callum and offers to lend her a hand at the kebab shop, postponing his day out with Sinead. Later, Sinead’s miffed to find him giggling with Gemma.