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Marion winds up Zara in Doctors

Marion Granger in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC)

Zara has had enough of Marion interfering in her business...

Zara grows more frustrated with Marion's constant interfering but Daniel's full of excuses. She racks her brains as to why Marion might be visiting them and decides there must be only one reason…

Elsewhere, Valerie is buzzing after the success of the Summer Fayre so when Mrs Tembe asks for a chat, Valerie guesses it must be to reward her for all her hard work… Meanwhile, there's more bad press about Emma but Jimmi's attempts at trying to talk to her backfire.

Rob recalls a report about a missing person who fits a dead man's description. Rob searches the man's house, while DI Dixon confirms the man died of a broken neck and there were traces of glitter on him. Rob remembers seeing something at the house, before the dead man's wife makes a shocking confession.