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Marnie is concerned for Mac

Marnie Nightingale in Hollyoaks

... but is his declining ill health all it seems in Hollyoaks?

James threatens to expose Marnie if she doesn't continue with their plan. When the doctor starts asking questions about what could have caused Mac's stroke, Marnie panics. Back at home, Marnie is alarmed when Mac doesn't recognise where he is or know who James is. Is everything as it seems?

Meanwhile, Peri's confused when Prince blanks them after apparently sleeping with Yasmine. Lily and Prince are making progress in their relationship, until Peri tells Lily about Prince and Yasmine sleeping together. Will Yasmine begin to wish she'd never told her lie?

Louis reminds Joel about a school talk he's got to take this morning. Joel, however, completely loses his composure when put under pressure by Prince, leaving Louis and the class of students in stunned silence. Is Joel's mind elsewhere?

Also, Zack's feeling down after being dumped by Leela, while Cleo snaps at Simone when she tries to set up her and Zack again.