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Martin vows to fix things for Stacey

Martin is reluctant to visit Stacey in hospital after the events of last week, feeling guilty about what happened. Worried Kathy has a heart to heart with Martin, reminiscing about his mum and dad. Convinced by Kathy to visit Stacey, Martin talks to Stacey alone, promising Stacey he'll be there for her. Back in the Square, Martin vows to reunite Stacey with Arthur, but at the flat he gets a huge shock...

Ian receives a letter from the boarding school to say a place has become available. Convincing a shocked Jane that it would be for the best, they break the news to Bobby that he'll be leaving tomorrow.

Paul takes Ben aside, telling him he wants him to make a decision today over whether Ben wants him or Abi. After surprising Abi with a ticket to go on holiday with her friend, Ben opens up to Paul, admitting that he's terrified of coming out to everyone. Despite his worries, Ben tell Paul that he loves him and they kiss. Jay has seen the kiss and at the Arches he confronts Ben about it.

Also, Kat tells Alfie it's time for them to leave the Square and they decide to return to Spain.