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Matt apologises to his friends

Matt returns to Summer Bay and tells Maddy he's been to rehab. They discuss his recent behaviour and that he needs to make amends with Evelyn and Josh. Maddy arranges a meal for the four of them at Angelo's and, after some awkward pleasantries, Matt apologises and Josh says it's all in the past.

Meanwhile, Chris plans a boys weekend, but John declines the offer, as he needs to concentrate on his family. His ego takes another knock when Irene says she's too busy for lunch. So when Chris convinces Phoebe not leave The Bay, he finally feels useful.

Hannah tells Josh and Evelyn that Andy is moving in, despite having mixed feelings herself. That night, she has a steamy dream about Nate and tells Phoebe. Phoebe tells her she probably feels trapped, but Hannah ignores her feelings and lets Andy move in.

Leah decides to Google her symptoms and after snapping at Chris and Irene at The Diner she storms out. Unknown to Irene, Leah heads to the hospital and tells Nate that something is wrong.