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Michelle vows to stand by a broken Steve

Steve stares into space, clearly troubled as Michelle tells Liz she'll help him on the road to recovery, but aware she needs to make a decision, Michelle meets with Hamish. Gossip is rife as the factory girls discuss the crash and how Steve walked away and abandoned them to their fate.

Sinead's terrified when the doctor tells her that she has a bone pressing on her spine and needs an urgent operation. Chesney, Beth, Kirk and Craig watch anxiously as she is wheeled away for her operation. Meanwhile, news of Tracy and Carla's fate spreads through the street. Eileen phones Billy to make him aware of Sean's accident and Gary arrives at the hospital, desperate for news about Alya.

Yasmeen puts Roy to good use at the community centre letting him devise some cookery classes. Roy embraces the challenge and realises that actions speak louder then words.

As David peruses his bank account, his spirits are lifted to see that Kylie's been shopping in Freshco and he sets off to track her down. Gavin and Steph break the news to Michael that Steph's pregnancy was a false alarm.