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Will Mick Carter put the whole Carter family in danger?

EastEnders - Mick Carter Linda Carter
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Mick is so desperate to save the pub for Linda and the family that it looks like he might take Aidan up on his dangerous offer after all.

Aidan puts together the final pieces of his plan for the job. It’s New Year’s Eve and the Carters are getting ready for their last party in The Vic. Mick is conflicted seeing how tortured Linda is over losing their home. Unable to let go of The Vic, Mick realises he has a big decision to make. If he takes the job with Aidan all his money worries will be over… Will Mick risk prison or worse to protect his family?

Kush and Denise are looking forward to a cosy New Year’s Eve together on their own. When Kush finds out that Carmel and Shakil have nowhere to stay however, Kush can’t leave his family homeless. Dreading telling Denise that his mum and brother are coming over, however, Kush steels himself to tell the truth. When he arrives home to find Denise waiting suggestively for him, he is distracted. Will it lead to consequences?

The New Year party is going well at The Vic as all the locals turn up to wish the Carters farewell. When Joyce plans another New Year’s Eve at home, Ted is disappointed. But some gentle persuasion from Karen soon sees Joyce and a cheerful Ted heading to the pub to join everyone.