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Mick is flirting with disaster

EastEnders - Linda Mick Fi
(Image credit: BBC)

When Fi turns up just before Linda’s big party kicks off, Mick feels a sense of doom!

The Carters get ready for Linda’s surprise party. Mick is on edge, however, and it’s not making things go any more smoothly. When Fi turns up unexpectedly it also puts another spanner in the works. Will the party go the way Mick was hoping?

Johnny realises that he needs to put a stop to an upset Derek’s plan to leave Walford after recent events. Enlisting Patrick’s help, Johnny and Patrick talk to Derek in an attempt to change his mind.

Sonia and Martin have an argument about Bex, as Sonia is insisting that Bex move into a flat with her and Robbie. When Bex finds out what they’re arguing about, she has a chat with Sonia about Sonia’s plans and is left torn over whether to move in with her or not.