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Mrs Tembe finds a half-naked man in her house!

(Image credit: BBC)

JJ's friend Burt gives Mrs Tembe a fright!

Mrs Tembe's thrilled when she gets an email about setting a date for her presentation on her hospital food plan. When she leaves for work, a suspicious-looking man arrives at her house - it's JJ's friend Burt, who's wanted by the police in connection with the cash machine explosions. Will JJ's desire to help his friend land him in hot water? Later, Mrs Tembe decides to come home for lunch and finds Burt wearing just a towel! How will she react?

Meanwhile, with Karl now safe and sound, Ayesha begins to worry if his mental health problems will affect his job in the army. Emma tries to comfort Ayesha over Karl's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - but will Ayesha be willing to listen?