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Myra confronts Diego!

Myra's still reeling after overhearing her toyboy Diego on the phone to a mystery woman the previous night, saying: 'I love you, Maria'. When Myra confides in John Paul about what she heard, he encourages his mum to catch Diego out. When Myra confronts Diego, he reveals that Maria is his sister who's in prison.

Pete tells Cleo that the small key she found hidden under the floorboards at home is for a lock-up he has, containing photos of them. When Harry sees Cleo outside the hospital, he decides he has to tell the McQueens about her seeing Pete, and Celine and Reenie are stunned to hear about what Cleo's been up to. After finding Pete's lock-up address on Cleo’s laptop, Celine and Reenie head off to look for her. Celine and Reenie arrive at the lock-up but Cleo quickly douses the photos in petrol and sets them alight – the evidence is gone!

Rachel, Ellie, Nathan and Porsche are in fancy dress for a Christmas bar crawl. Ellie spills her drink over Rachel forcing her to change into a frumpy snowman outfit as everyone leaves for The Dog without her. At The Loft, Ellie’s pushing Nathan and Porsche together, just as Rachel walks in. Rachel's furious but Ellie continues to manipulate her brother and an argument breaks out between Rachel and Nathan. With Rachel gone, Porsche and Nathan continue to drink together and head back to the McQueens'…

Also, with Maxine answering police questions, Patrick puts on an angry act at the police station but, when Maxine’s back is turned, he manipulates Jason into becoming suspicious again. Later, Maxine reveals to Patrick she’s booked for them to renew their vows.

Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson

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