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Nancy confronts Sienna

Sienna drugs Nancy's tea and makes it look like Oscar has fallen out of his cot. Darren sees his son on the floor and when Sienna hands Darren Nancy's drug test results he throws Nancy out. Nancy goes to the hospital and confronts Dr. Browning who questions why, if she's clean, did she send Sienna to collect her repeat prescription. The penny drops for Nancy. She marches into the pub and punches Sienna, asking Darren to choose between them.

Diane spots Cindy and Tony coming out of the oncology ward at the hospital and immediately assumes Cindy is the one with cancer, forcing Tony to reveal the truth. She's furious when she finds out how long he's kept it from her.

Dr. Browning is continually plagued with visions and reminders of Lynsey. He's tormented when he goes into his office to find his desk littered with press cuttings about the murder. Meanwhile, Trevor threatens Ste to tell him about Browning's plans to raid the delivery van and tells Ste to take Browning up on his offer.

Maxine is torn when Patrick offers to take her out for dinner, but she already has plans with Ash. He makes Maxine feel guilty, in a bid to sway her decision and she's clearly intimated by him.