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Nancy puts herself in danger!

Jack returns after a night in the cells but, instead of being grateful, Nancy wants more pills. Frankie locks her in the bathroom but she escapes out of the window. Joe and Robbie arrive at The Dog for lunch to find Nancy balancing dangerously on the window ledge, then she slips and falls. ...into Joe's arms. Nancy tells Joe about her addiction and thanks him for catching her.

Elsewhere, Tom decides to call the police and blames Trevor for dealing drugs at the school. However, his actions have dramatic repercussions for Nancy’s family when Dylan plants drugs at the Osbornes' to save his dad.

Dylan suggests to Nico that they skip school and visit her creepy uncle Will in hospital. Will’s fooling everyone into thinking he’s still unconscious and swipes a syringe from a nurse’s trolley near his bed. Nico accidentally leaves her bag at the hospital after visiting Will and when she returns to get it, Will grabs her.

Also, Tegan, Celine and Kim panic when they realise they’ve sent a selfie of themselves with unconscious Will to Dr S’avage. The nurses try desperately to hack into S’avage's computer to delete the email – but has their prank put their careers on the line?