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Nate tries to take his mind off Ricky

Dr Nate Cooper in Home and Away

Nate's marriage is under more strain then he first thought

Alf tries to comfort Nate about Ricky’s hysterectomy. Yet his words make little difference to a heartbroken Nate. At the counseling session, Ricky breaks down at the thought of not giving Nate children. She still can’t open up to Nate, putting their marriage under more strain.

Phoebe is in shock after discovering that Dom has a daughter and turns to John for advice. But Phoebe does all the talking and convinces herself to give Dom and his daughter Bella a chance. At the Diner, Phoebe prepares to meet Bella and she pulls out the stops, but Bella isn’t impressed leaving her deflated. At the end of the meal, Phoebe admits she’s not a natural mother, leaving Bella charmed. The pair finally connect and Dom is impressed!

Maddy can’t come to terms with losing her arm and fears Matt will no longer want her so when he visits, she pushes him away.