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Nate Cooper has harsh words for Tori

Nate Cooper in Home and Away
(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Tori is left shocked by Nate Cooper's unreasonable behaviour

Nate Cooper blows up at Tori when he sees her talking to Duncan. He thinks that Tori is asking questions about Caroline's health - but has he got the wrong end of the stick?

Ash tells Kat that he still loves her, but will she be honest and say that she feels the same way? Or will she put her career first?

In an attempt to help Caroline, Ash meets up with a blast from Andy's past and it isn't long before Kat is disappointed in him again…

Alf manages to save Bryce from the water, but when the little boy reveals why he jumped in the ocean, Roo is suspicious and Caroline lies start to unravel. Roo's determined to get to the bottom of Caroline's lies - but will she and Duncan's relationship be damaged in the process?