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Ned Willis reveals a dark secret

Ned Willis in Neighbours

Elly forces Ned Willis to reveal a secret about his past...

After a little prodding, Ned Willis confesses his past with Regan to Lauren. A still upset Elly is determined to hash things out with Ned, even as Lauren hints that Ned is protecting her. But when Elly finally tracks down Ned, she finds out the shocking truth.

Jimmy runs into Kyle while retrieving his chess board from the Canning house, blaming Kyle for not being able to live in the house anymore. Sheila overhears, and the Cannings, minus Kyle, hatch a plan…

Steph and Mark are both devastated about Max pulling Steph's access to Charlie, and discuss their legal options with Toadie. As Steph considers the ramifications of a custody battle, Sonya develops an unexpected idea.