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Neighbours Spoilers: What's this? Is it Christmas in Ramsay Street?

Things get festive for the Rebecchi family while elsewhere in Erinsborough Amy becomes an accidental shoplifter!

With their involvement in the Face of Lassiters/Christmas in July campaign, hopefully there will be a happy end to the week for the Rebecchi family. Otherwise those festive hats and Christmas decorations will all be for nothing.

Leo wants justice for the Rebecchi family. But after a chat with copper and ex-girlfriend Mishti, he wonders if there is a legal way to terminate racist Marisa's job at Lassiters.

Meanwhile, Susan admits she is on board with Rita's plans for the hospital and the MS trials, especially as she is a sufferer of MS herself. However, during a lunch with neighbour Sheila and her hospital boss fella, Clive, Karl and Susan discover Clive doesn't trust Rita and is totally against her getting involved in hospital business. But will Karl secretly still side with Rita, knowing her plans could help his career?

Also, Amy is finally smiling again when she spends some quality girl-time out shopping with Chloe. But will Amy end-up in big trouble when she accidentally steals a necklace!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5