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Neighbours spoilers: Will Dylan Timmins STOP Sky Mangel's wedding?

Neighbours, Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford

Sky is excited that she's finally going to make things official with girlfriend Lana on Neighbours. BUT how will ex-boyfriend Dylan react when he finds out?

When Sky Mangel (played by Stephanie McIntosh) returned to Erinsborough this week, everyone jumped to the conclusion her secret wedding plans involved ex-boyfriend, Dylan Timmins (Damien Brodie) on Neighbours (5:30pm/10:00pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

However, Sky is actually getting hitched to Lana Crawford (Bridget Neval), her one-time schoolgirl crush!

When Dylan arrives back in town he is devastated to discover Sky is planning to marry someone else. He was hoping he and Sky could fix things and get back together.

So as Sky and Lana's wedding ceremony begins, with Jack Callahan (Andrew Morley) on hand to marry the two women, will Dylan be content to watch from afar.

Or will he try and STOP the wedding?

Neighbours, Dylan Timmins

Dylan Timmins is back and crushed to discover ex-girlfriend Sky is marrying someone else on Neighbours

Meanwhile, thanks to some matchmaking from Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), Jane Harris (Annie Jones) has been reunited with ex-fiance Des Clarke (Paul Keane).

It seems Des and Jane may still have romantic feelings for each other after all these years.

However, after Jane's recent experience with the catfish "Richard", she's not sure she's ready to trust her own romantic judgement and give Des another chance.

What will Jane do?

Neighbours, Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Des and Jane are reunited under disastrous circumstances on Neighbours!

PLUS, things continue to take a deadly turn on the late-night episodes of Neighbours (10:00pm, Channel 5) as a gale strikes the island.

Hendrix Greyson (played by Benny Turland) is shocked to discover Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) has gone missing.

Neighbours, Harlow Robinson, Bea Nilsson

Harlow and Bea are still trapped in the mine on Neighbours (10:00pm, Channel 5)

With nobody aware that both Harlow and Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) are trapped in an underground mine, Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) continues to fantasise about leaving the island with Bea's older sister, Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta).

But Finn's shifty behaviour hasn't gone unnoticed by Gary Canning (Damien Richardson)...

There are DOUBLE episodes of Neighbours all this week airing at 5:30pm and 10:00pm on Channel 5