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Neighbours spoilers: Finn Kelly discovers Elly Conway's baby lie?

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Finn does some snooping and finds the ultrasound photo Dean stole from Elly. Will he put the clues together and expose her deception?

Elly Conway is still under pressure from her student Dean Mahoney, who has been blackmailing the pregnant school teacher since snooping through her hospital medical records and discovering she's been telling fibs about her unborn baby.

Dean proves he means business when the terrible teenager, whose mum is Elly's hospital doctor, steals a picture of her real seven-week ultrasound and threatens to land her in BIG trouble with her husband, Mark Brennan who still believes he's the father of the child.

Having already blackmailed Elly into smuggling a bottle of booze into school for him, what will Dean demand she do next to keep her secret safe?

Neighbours, Dean Mahoney, Elly Conway

Elly is alarmed when she discovers Dean has stolen the original ultrasound photo... (Picture: Channel 5)

But little does she know, but her one-time lover Finn Kelly has become curious about her pregnancy and her tense interactions with student Dean.

After doing some snooping, Finn finds the ultrasound Dean stole from Elly. Will he start putting the pieces of the puzzle together and realise his own brother Shaun Watkins is the father of Elly's baby?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, there's trouble between Bea Nilsson and her boyfriend Ned Willis, when he discovers how she's secretly been helping her ex-fiance Finn. Fed up with the developing closeness between the pair, Ned vows to find a way to get rid of Finn from their lives...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5