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Neighbours spoilers: Late-night fright! Gary Canning attacks Dipi Rebecchi

Neighbours, Dipi Rebecchi, Gary Canning

Stressed-out Gary is desperate to quit his dodgy job and is on edge when he attacks a late-night intruder - only to discover it's his neighbour Dipi...

Gary Canning thinks he's going to quit his dodgy job as a delivery man for some shady crooks. But his ex-con mate Kev McNally has other ideas...

When Gary is contacted about another dodgy delivery job, he reminds Kev he has carried out his one-last task and is now out of the game.

Neighbours, Gary Canning, Kev McNally

Gary tried to quit his dodgy job. But will he pay the price? (Picture: Channel 5)

But Kev warns Gary he is messing with the wrong people by quitting, so he had better watch his back!

So when Gary goes to the coffee hut he runs during the New Year's Eve celebrations, he's alarmed to find some of the stolen goods planted there, and realises the crooks are trying to pin the whole scam on him and if caught by the police, Gary could be sent back to prison.

Gary is increasingly on edge and when he later sees Kev at The Waterhole during the New Year's party, he senses danger. But when Gary attempts to follow Kev and then pounces on a shadowy figure by the coffee hut, he's shocked to see he has attacked his own neighbour, Dipi Rebecchi...

Neighbours, Xanthe Canning

Is Xanthe's dream of studying medicine at university over? (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Piper Willis tries to encourage her friend Xanthe Canning not to give up on her dream of studying medicine at university.

After failing to get into the university of her choice, Xanthe hadn't counted on leaving home and moving miles away to Toowoomba to study. But when her ex-boyfriend Ben Kirk gets in touch from Oakey with a surprise solution to her problem, it looks like Xanthe's dream could come true after all.

Neighbours continues tomorrow at 8:45am and 5:25pm on Channel 5