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Neighbours spoilers: Gary Canning plans a SURPRISE wedding!

Neighbours, Amy Williams, Gary Canning

Gary gathers friends and family together for a 'birthday party' for his fiancee Amy. But really the scene is set for a surprise wedding!

Gary Canning has been feeling paranoid since he found out his son Kyle is still in love with his ex-girlfriend Amy Williams, who is also now Gary's fiancee!

So now that Kyle's own marriage has broken-up and he's moved back to Erinsborough, Gary is worried Kyle could mean trouble for his and Amy's relationship. So having only popped the question a few weeks ago, Gary decides to put the couple's wedding plans into high speed mode - and secretly arranges a surprise wedding for them!

While Amy is suspicious her fella is planning some sort of surprise birthday party, Kyle feels snubbed when he discovers he hasn't been invited. But he soon finds out that Gary is planning to spring a surprise wedding on Amy and doesn't want Kyle anywhere near to wreck his plans.

Still in love with Amy, will Kyle try and stop the wedding?

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Could Finn be facing a prison sentence? (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Finn Kelly's future freedom is in jeopardy after Aaron Brennan's discovery that Finn's memory could be returning - meaning he might now have to face justice for his previous crimes!

Aaron's doctor husband David Tanaka is furious that Aaron has been snooping through confidential medical records at Erinsborough Hospital and it looks like there is some serious trouble in paradise between the pair...

Meanwhile, the burden of pregnant Elly Conway's baby lie weighs heavily on her mind. At the point of breaking down, will Elly FINALLY admit the terrible truth to husband Mark Brennan that he is NOT the father of her unborn child?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5