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Neighbours spoilers: Gary Canning gets an unwelcome visitor

Neighbours, Gary Canning, Nance Sluggett

Will Gary have some big explaining to do when dodgy criminal Jeremy Sluggett's mum Nance turns up to collect the bag of stolen cash...

It has been a few months now since criminal Jeremy Sluggett asked Gary Canning to look after a bag of stolen cash for him.

But with Jeremy now unexpectedly back behind bars, spa manager Gary has secretly dipped into the bag and swiped $100,000 to help pay for his daughter Xanthe's university place.

However, before he can get a chance to replace the missing money, Jeremy's mum Nance unexpectedly turns up at The Flametree Retreat to retrieve the loot!

When suspicious Nance starts to ask questions, will Gary confess to stealing the money?

Meanwhile, Cassius Grady starts to panic when he speaks to his mum Elissa Gallow and discovers his buddy Ned Willis has e-mailed her to find out more about Cassius.

Fearing his part in Hamish Roche's murder will soon be exposed, Elissa urges Cassius to leave Erinsborough and flee the country. But can Cassius bring himself to do a runner on girlfriend Piper Willis?

With Ned, Bea Nilsson, Mark Brennan and Terese Willis all asking questions about him, will Cassius be pushed to finally confess to his shock crime?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5