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Neighbours Spoilers: Karl is left fighting for his life following the bush camp disaster

Karl Kennedy is hurt!

Karl's health takes a turn for the worse and it's a race against time to try and save him

While Susan and Kirsha have managed to survive the night, things aren't looking good for Karl who has broken his leg and collapsed from a pulmonary embolism.

There's a glimmer of hope when Xanthe later finds the rapidly declining doctor but she begins to panic when a struggling Karl falls unconscious. Is he going to survive?

Elsewhere, Sonya and Toadie are keen to make Steph feel like part of the family on Mother's Day. But Steph is feeling low and can't escape her feeling of emptiness and it’s Paul she ends up turning to for help.

Plus, Terese and Piper have plans for Mother's Day - but is a persistent Sheila about to scupper them?