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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson and Jane Harris get passionate!

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

It looks like Paul and Jane are ready to make the leap from just good friends to something more when the pair get frisky in the classroom!

Paul Robinson is thrilled to have his former Ramsay Street neighbour Jane Harris back in his life, since she moved back to Erinsborough to become the new acting Principal of Erinsborough High.

But so far multiple-times married Paul and Jane are taking their relationship slowly, with neither ready for something super-serious.

However, all that looks set to change when Jane accidentally drinks a dose of Dipi Rebecchi's infamous Full Salute herbal tea, which has already spiced things up in the bedroom for a number of the neighbours!

So when Paul arrives at the school armed with flowers and ready to walk Jane home, she has other ideas and it's not long before the pair are getting passionate in the classroom! But the lovers are left red-faced when someone catches them in the act. But who?

Neighbours, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Things get romantic for Paul and Jane! (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Piper Willis, her mum Terese and Piper's brother Ned are all shocked when Leo Tanaka comes clean about the shady business he's currently involved in.

Leo is in increasing danger from the infamous Renshaw crime family, after he snitched on two members who were laundering money through Sydney nightclubs. Last year, the Renshaws were behind the attack on Leo's associate Mannix Foster who was stabbed after being wrongly identified as the grass... and now Leo fears he could be next on their hit list if they discover it was really him. Will Leo go into hiding?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Gary Canning is in a spin after discovering he has unknowingly been transporting stolen materials from Robinson Heights, the property development being overseen by Gary's girlfriend Amy Williams!

As Gary's guilt over Amy gets the better of him, he decides he's going to quit his dodgy delivery job. However, Gary's criminal mate Kev has other ideas...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5