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Neighbours spoilers: Piper Willis discovers the SHOCK truth about Cassius Grady

Neighbours, Piper Willis, Terese Willis

As everything starts to unravel, Piper finally discovers her boyfriend Cassius killed hated Hamish last year! Is Piper in deadly danger?

Puzzled by her boyfriend Cassius Grady's sudden need to get away from Erinsborough, Piper Willis has decided to join him on the road. Her head is in a spin after her mum Terese, brother Ned and friend Bea Nilsson revealed Cassius has been keeping some shady secrets from her all this time. Unsure what to believe, Piper decides to confront Cassius herself.

But Piper's in for a big shock when Cassius finally admits he was the mystery man who saved her after she collapsed out in the bush. And he has really been lurking around Erinsborough for a lot longer than everyone realises, since he was the one who killed hated Hamish Roche last year.

As the terrible truth dawns on Piper, will she still agree to go on the run with Cassius? Or call the cops?

Elsewhere, with all the drama surrounding Piper and Cassius, Bea gets a chilling reminder of her own deceptive relationship with ex-fiance Finn Kelly, the twisted former teacher who used her to carry out a revenge grudge against her family and friends. Can Ned find a way to help Bea?

Meanwhile at Lassiters, Chloe Brennan faces a dilemma after being asked out on a paid-escort date by charming multi-millionaire hotel guest Pierce Greyson.

Should Chloe mix business and pleasure? And if she turns Pierce down, will she jeopardise the business deal he is about to sign with Lassiters?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5