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Neighbours spoilers: Will Tyler Brennan be released from prison?

Neighbours, Tyler Brennan

Tyler returns to Erinsborough for a police hearing that could finally see him cleared of his hated dad Hamish's murder and released from prison...

As Tyler Brennan is brought back to Erinsborough in police custody, his family hope he will finally be cleared of his horrible dad Hamish Roche's murder, now Tyler's long-lost half-brother Cassius Grady has confessed to the crime.

With Tyler back in town, Piper Willis is determined to see her ex-boyfriend, even though he refused to allow her to visit him in prison and wrote Piper a letter urging her to move on with her life.

But Piper is crushed when she hears Tyler doesn't want to see her! Can she find a way to see the guy she still has strong feelings for?

Meanwhile, at Lassiters, things are frosty between Chloe Brennan and multi-millionaire guest Pierce Greyson, since Chloe turned down Pierce's offer for her to join him in the bedroom in exchange for money.

Annoyed by Pierce's moody attitude, Chloe confronts him about his behaviour and is relieved when Pierce explains he's not punishing her, he's just in professional mode. But it's clear there's still an unspoken spark of passion between them. How long can Chloe resist Pierce's charms?

And Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi are back from their trip to America and face a childcare problem. With legal eagle Toadie busy trying to get Tyler released from prison and Sonya having to get things back on track at the garden nursery following the arrest of employee Cassius, who is going to look after their kids?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5