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Neighbours spoilers: Will Xanthe survive after the hit and run?


Xanthe is rushed to hospital where her life hangs in the balance after the hit and run horror at the scavenger hunt. Will she survive?

It's not looking good for Xanthe after being hit by Finn driving Elly's stolen car. The student is rushed to hospital where her dad Gary and gran Sheila keep an anxious vigil. But will Xanthe survive?

Meanwhile, Chloe is in a bad way too. But doc David and Chloe's brother Aaron are both puzzled and alarmed when Chloe refuses to have any tests and checks herself out of the hospital.

Elsewhere, Elly reports her yellow car as stolen. But it's too late, she has already been framed by Finn. When policewoman Mishti sees CCTV footage apparently showing Elly at a petrol station near the scene of the hit and run, Elly immediately becomes the prime suspect and Mishti arrests her! How can Elly prove her innocence?

And an unsuspecting Bea, who was the actual culprit caught on camera, begins to grow suspicious of her boyfriend Patrick's (aka Finn) shifty behaviour. But when Bea voices her suspicions, he turns nasty...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5