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Niamh is chatted up by a stranger

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Niamh is stood up by Emma and left alone with a bottle of wine at the Icon. A good looking man next to her starts to cough and she quickly performs the Heimlich manoeuvre. He introduces himself as Ben and he asks for her number.

Anthony, Daniel and Sid go gin-tasting together. They share stories of drunken holidays with Sid mentioning how some friends left him on a train once but Anthony reassures him he'd never leave a man behind.

Also, Ruhma drags Heston along to see a stand-up comedian who gently mocks Heston's bow tie and demeanour. He's annoyed at first but he soon starts to relax and laugh along with the audience. After the gig he asks Ruhma to come on holiday to Tuscany with him and she agrees.