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Nick confronts Tegan!

Ben Ryan Davies plays NICK SAVAGE

Nick views CCTV footage of Tegan in the medicine storeroom and discovers she was not alone...

Nick confronts Tegan about some missing drugs from the hospital and catches her deleting CCTV footage of herself in the medicine storeroom. That’s when he notices Kim was with her in there. Tegan begs Nick not to tell anyone about Kim, but Nick persuades her to speak to Eva – is that a good idea?

Meanwhile, Dirk tries to reunite Cindy and Alfie, who can't stand the thought of a 'happy family Christmas' without Jade. Ellie's sickened when she finds out Holly's dating Nick. Holly asks Ellie not to tell anyone – will Ellie keep her secret?

Also, Tracey encourages Adam to open up to Maxine, but Grace thinks Maxine’s interfering too much.