Nick is arrested!

Terese confronts Nick as he makes his escape but Brennan storms in and arrests Nick. He brings Nick to see Paul and begs him to keep the cancer centre going. Paul gives Nick the facts of life – he's going to jail and he'll never practice medicine again. After trying to apologise to a hostile Paul, Terese says goodbye to Nick at the station but he goes on the attack before being taken away.

In the middle of a kissing session, Imogen gets a text and cancels her date with Tyler. He's annoyed and get evens more wound up when he sees her hugging Daniel and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Tyler's left wondering if he's pressuring her and explains he's fine to go as slow as she wants. Driven by emotion, Imogen tells him she doesn't want to wait any longer.

When Naomi is attacked by Paige for breaking up with Mark, and then questioned by Sheila she decides to chat to Paul about their feelings for each other. She tells him she's happy remaining by his side and Paul is pleased.

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