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Nico refuses to be sent to boarding school!

Following Jason's accident, the finger of blame is pointed at Nico but it's revealed that Alfie was the one who broke into Holly's flat, under Nico's orders. However, Nico's angry that Alfie targeted Jason, not Holly. Patrick suggests Sienna should send Nico off to boarding school and, initally she's reluctant, but when she decides it might be a good idea and suggests it to Nico, her daughter lashes out. Sienna lies to Maxine and Patrick that her injuries are down to her getting mugged but Maxine's suspicious when Sienna doesn't want to get Ben involved.

Meanwhile, Ben tells Jason that the person who broke into Holly’s flat had their own set of keys. Holly thinks Robbie attacked Jason and meets him at the garage. When she arrives, Robbie proposes! Holly rushes out and Robbie catches up with her just as Jason arrives. Holly covers and, by doing so, chooses Jason over Robbie.

Also, John Paul arrives at the Lomaxes to talk to Ste but is devastated when he sees Harry there. Later at school, John Paul reluctantly gives Harry and Ste his blessing. Harry goes to see Ste but storms off when Ste tells him the night before was a mistake. Later, Ste’s tempted by a bottle of wine on the kitchen worktop…