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Guilty trio Nicola, Jimmy and Bernice plan to give back their cash windfall...

Bernice Blackstock, Nicola King, Jimmy King

Nicola, Jimmy and Bernice plan to handover dead Mrs Dumphrey's big cash win now a family heir has been found

Bernice hasn't felt good about being pushed into taking dead Mrs Dumphrey's winnings. Since the old lady died at the salon after she'd had a big win on the horses, Nicola pushed her sister into nabbing the cash seeing as the OAP had no known family. But it has since transpired that Mrs Dumphrey's does have family - someone who lives in the village! Now wracked with guilt about the money, Bernice pushes Nicola and Jimmy to come up with a way to get the winnings back to the rightful owner.

Adam and Victoria Barton are still reeling from Moira's shock outburst which disrupted their meeting with the adoption agency worker. Has Moira ruined their chance of becoming parents? Is Moira going to be OK?

Pollard rues the day he played golf with his so-called old mate Morris, who informs him that if the Dingles don't play ball Pollard will pay the price.

[Second episode of evening].