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Is Olivia falling for Axel?

As Olivia grows apart from Hunter, she grows closer to Axel

Hunter can’t shake the feeling that Axel wants more than a professional relationship with Olivia. Olivia tries to reassure Hunter but he refuses to listen. Axel takes Olivia out and tells her it's just for work purposes but it's clear that he wants more. Is this the beginning of the end of Olivia and Hunter?

Roo is in a state of shocked after being knocked down by Ryder. Alf is furious with Ryder and, once again, he runs off. After calming down, Alf asks his Ryder why he behaves so wildly and Ryder doesn't have an answer. Meanwhile, Roo has collapsed at home and is rushed hospital.

Also, Kat confronts Robbo over his out of character behaviour. She tells him that he's been cold and distant towards her and wants to know why. Robbo tries to make excuses, but Kat believes it's because she is having Ash's baby. Meanwhile, convincing Kat isn't the only problem Robbo has on his hand: a human foot is sticking out at the riverside. Will Robbo's secret come to light?