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Paige is hit by a car!

Paige realises she is the victim of mistaken identity when her kidnapper calls her Michelle. Finally, she gets a chance to escape and sees Mark who has been tipped off about her whereabouts. As the pair looks set to reunite, tragedy strikes when Paige is hit by a car. 

Terese is worrying about her future at Lassiters but Quill tells her that her job is safe on one condition - stay away for Paul. Elsewhere, Amy tells him there is more to life than money and that he should start taking an interest in his grandson. However, when Paul attempts to spend time with Jimmy it causes tension between him and Steph.

Shay gets her revenge on Kyle by refusing to pay him and Amy for the maintenance work on the Lassiter’s gardens. She also cancels a recent order for a gazebo, which could lead to another business venture for Paul.

Sonya is on edge, waiting to see if her actions have caused Toadie significant damage. When Toadie finally comes round, she starts to fear the worst.